— Telegram Chatbot for the Restaurant Business

ChatFood is a fast, convenient and up-to-date service that gives restaurants the opportunity to create their own Telegram chatbot in only 5 minutes to organize the process of selling food to their customers directly through the messenger.

More than 400 restaurants from Russia and other CIS countries have been using our platform since 2021. According to them, ChatFood is considered to be the most practical and functional platform for creating a chatbot and organizing food delivery from a restaurant.

If you want to create a Telegram chatbot for a restaurant in your country, we can help with that
We offer
  • fully customizable chatbot (fill in text information and system messages in any language);
  • diversity of currencies (Russian ruble, Belarusian ruble, Ukrainian hryvnia, Kazakhstani tenge, euro, dollar, Polish zloty, Moldovan leu);
  • technical support (for any questions relating to working on our platform).
We are currently working on
  • the platform’s multilingualism and knowledge base (a full English-language version of the website will be available on the platform in the near future);
  • the functionality for calculating shipping costs anywhere in the world (only available for the Russian market at the moment).

Our history

ChatFood has been running since 2021. In two years, we have become the leading platform in the Russian-speaking market in Russia and the CIS countries for developing chatbots for restaurants and cafes. We have over 400 connected restaurants as of March 2023, as well as over 10,000 users of chatbots created on our platform. We have a fair amount of organic traffic for keywords such as «chatbot for cafes», «chatbot on Telegram for restaurants» etc.

ChatFood is a fast-growing service for efficient restaurant operations. We provide the best Telegram chatbot solutions for restaurants.

Our advantages

  • a user-friendly interface;
  • ultimate customisation of the chatbot to suit your business;
  • knowledge base with answers to common questions;
  • technical support for any questions relating to the operation of the platform and chatbot.

We take into account all our customers' wishes and include them in the platform.

While using ChatFood you get


Your customer can view your restaurant's menu in the chatbot.


Receive delivery or takeaway orders with online or cash payment  (delivery charges included).

Customer base

Every customer who joins the chatbot remains in the system. You see information about each customer and their orders.


Encourage customers to make orders or invite them to your restaurant via automated or manual mailings.

Table reservations

Your customers can book a table for the desired date and time without leaving Telegram.

Bonus system

Give bonus cash to customers when they log in to your chatbot or allow your customers the cashback on the orders.

Telegram and chatbots in Russia and the CIS countries are achieving record levels of growth. Don’t miss the opportunity to create a successful sales tool to organize your customers’ meal sales process directly via messenger.

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Telegram and chatbots in Russia and the CIS countries are achieving record levels of growth.